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Glow in the dark minigolf with special effects Hohtogolf West Coast

Glow in the dark minigolf with special effects Hohtogolf West Coast presents a new style of indoor minigolf in Europe.

Our purpose built minigolf tracks with neon lights and other special effects produce a cool, fun and exciting environment to play in the dark, whether with a group of friends or on your own as a single player. The center comprises 15 amazing minigolf courses, four of them in a so-called horror area, that will either make you laugh or scream depending of your age and state of mind.

The center provides an ideal environment for a recreational business event, a stag, hen or birthday party, regardless of your age and skill level. It also suits perfectly for a first date with that someone special or a relaxing night over a couple of beers.

Opening times: https://www.ratina.fi/en/stores/?s=hohtogolf

Prices: Round of minigolf 15€/person - Round of minigolf takes time about 1-1,5 hour.

Normally you can come without reservation, but to make sure that we are not fully booked, you could make reservation by email: ratina@hohtogolf.fi or online click here.

Oikeudet muutoksiin pidätetään.

Hohtogolf West Coast Ratina

Shopping Mall Ratina, Vuolteenkatu 1, 33100 Tampere

Tel. 03-41081640